All the weight management guidelines are consistent with the recommendations from this source:
When you enter your meal logging details, the selected ingredient is checked against a proprietary food database based on an open domain good database such as USDA FoodData, Next, the food amount is proportionally adjusted to calculate the calorie of your ingredient item. Then, summing up all ingredient items, we can get your meal calorie.
Your daily calorie plan is compared against your daily calorie quota based on an open domain formula, which considers your latest weight, height, and age from your profile data to calculate your current daily calorie expenditure. Further adjustments are made based on your weight loss or gain goal. Weekly weight changes up to 0.5kg are regarded as being safe for our bodies. If your weight gap on your personal weight goal or the healthy BMI range is more than 0.5kg, 500 calories are deducted from your daily calorie plan.
Once your daily calorie quota is ready, an initial meal plan is generated based on popular ingredient items by other users in the program. Then, this app will deliver a more and more personalized user experience, including:
  1. meal plan ingredients are recommended based on food items that you ate or didn’t eat at all. Expect that more and more food items you repeatedly ate will appear in your meal plan in several weeks.
  2. Meal feedback is evaluated on many dimensions.
The guidance is text-based on calorie intake management. Guidance text is generated on a sentence-by-sentence basis. The text is easy to understand verbal interpretation to help you know without reading the calorie/weight numbers or nutritional value figures yourself. The guidance evaluation is based on rules of the following topics:
  1. calorie intake vs. plan, in terms of total and nutrition group (carbohydrates, protein, fat)
  2. How various healthy (e.g., vegetable) and unhealthy (e.g., fried) food types are consumed
  3. How timely you check in your meals compared to your previous check-in times.

Given the rules above, a prioritization process highlights the most relevant and less repeated sentences to show. Up to 3 sentences are generated to you as the meal feedback.

Feedback text is also available for weight feedback. The weight is compared with previous weight records in the same and prior weeks or months. Weight value change relative to your weight goal, frequency, Multiple weight records in the same day. If weight change is not trending towards your weight goal, the meal plan calorie quota will be adjusted by one level to help you finetune your eating volume.